Building Rubble Removal

Classification: General Waste

Building Rubble Removal, a service rendered by Rubble Removal Kempton Park. According to the South African Waste classifications. Defined in the NEM Waste Amendment Act of 2014. Construction, Building and Demolition Waste is classified as General Waste. Which means waste that does not pose an immediate hazard or threat to health or to the environment.

Construction Waste Management in Kempton Park is a service. That minimizes the amount of waste that gets disposed of at landfill sites. This service is also responsible for the Removal of Construction Waste from the site. In 2011 more than 108 million tons of building waste created in South Africa. Only 98 million of those tons were properly disposed of at landfill sites. By reducing the amount of construction and debris waste going to landfill sites. drastically improves the construction project and environment. Here at CK Rubble Removal Kempton Park we understand how to manage waste. What’s reusable and how not to waste in the first place.

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Building Rubble Waste Management

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Building Rubble

Demolition, Construction as well as Excavation Sites in Kempton Park. All generate different types of waste. Including construction waste items like Paper. Cardboard packaging. Plastic packaging. Wooden packaging. Metallic packaging. Composite packaging. Mixed packaging. Glass packaging. Textile packaging. Concrete. Bricks. Tiles. Ceramics. Wood. Glass. Plastic. Treated wood. Glass. Bituminous mixtures. Coal. Tar. Tarred products. Copper. Bronze. Brass. Aluminum. Lead. Iron. Steel. Tin. Mixed metals. Cables. Soil. Stones. Sand. Asbestos. Gypsum. Cement. Paint and Varnish.

Importance Of

Construction waste Management

That’s why it’s important to understand what types of waste can be, salvaged, reused or recycled. At CK Rubble Removals Kempton before we dispose of anything on a construction site. We first conduct a waste management audit. By Taking a look at the most common materials used. The various stages of the project. How we can help in preventing materials from becoming waste. We also look at which materials are reusable and what’s recyclable. By applying the construction waste management hierarchy of Reduce. Reuse. Recycle and Dispose.